Feb 11, 2015

smell a baby cloth

The new baby has arrived. Sleeping most of the time and waking up only to feed her urge for mama's milk.That's Baby Aira. She does nothing spectacular but keeps everyone guessing.

Personally, I can't explain why I feel extremely intoxicated by her presence. She doesn't charm me with witty jokes.Her diaper is always like a bad bowl of yogurt. No  pretty teeth to greet you when she opens her mouth. Yet I can't resist her scent.

Today as I smell Aira's baby cloth, I couldn't resist myself. Its the cloth that is used to wrap her.Omg, the smell feels so pure. Even richer than any exotic flower. It was like the best bottle of eau de toilette.

My sister in law freaked out. She did not see that coming.

Maybe they should make perfumes inspired by baby  odors like Melayu Baby,Chinese Baby, Kadazan Baby and so on. It would be able to cater to all the market segments within the community. Give the people a smell they have been accustomed too for generations.

Then when August 31st comes around, the Merdeka Baby Smell would be sold out because every Malaysian is suddenly patriotic. We're tired of wearing the Jalur Gemilang as a shirt or dress to express love for the nation. Now is the time to smell like a true local.

Just kidding.

I feel really sad when I look around and people have segregated themselves. Too afraid too campur. Just staying in a corner with no insight of others.

Smell a baby today and remind yourself what its like to be pure and welcoming instead of paranoia with a pinch of racist.

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