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Dec 14, 2014

Ladies,please sit at the back

There are many events whereby people are arranged based on common interest, social class or age.It happens almost everyday at weddings, conferences and any other type of social gathering. However it is a first time that I experince women being told to sit at the back whilst the men are encouraged to move themselves to the first row.The MC repeatedly announced the women in the first row to get up and let only their husbands and sons to sit in front. They obliged without any hesitation. This is the first time I experinced such culture. In Islam when men and women pray, the men usually stand in the first few rows as so guiding the women. It felt extremely awkward when such pratice is carried out for non-religious activites.It was simply a carnival launch that is meant to bring people together regardless race or religion. It felt really weird that they felt that they felt that they had to had do such a thing. You see how confused the experince had made me. Personally I felt this is an act of bullying.
Do you agree?