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Nov 19, 2014

Fancy a cup of horror?

://malay term for something seen in a flash//:

The only type of movie worth watching at the cinema is the ones labelled "horror", "terror" and "PG13". If I had it my way, action movies and chic flicks should have less show time. Well, that's never going to happen in Malaysia because people are always hungry for puppy love and good times tale.

I decided  to revisit the cinema and indulge in horror. This week my options included Jessabelle, Ouija and Kelibat. Since work finished early, I was already at the mall by 5pm and Kelibat was on in half an hour. I flashed my student card and paid RM8 for a one person ticket. This was the first time I actually paid for a Malay horror movie.

The movie was  a mash up of different ghost. There was no blood or loud  and deep breathing like in most horror movies. I personally like it because it had the right amount of scary without giving you nightmares for months. I think there was also a few times when I laugh because there was some funny parts to it. 

Family of five had to evacuate their house as the loan sharks were coming after them. They escaped to an old resort place in the middle of no where. Everyone is upset with the father because he had promised them a holiday but turns out to be a cheap escape. The house itself oozes old and haunted. There is a big swimming pool inside which is significantly important for the plot.Each night the family members is visited by different ghost which makes them agitated and more angry living together. One day it got so extreme that one person decided to kill everyone in the family. 

Its actually a good movie to watch but you need to understand the back and forth between Malay and English. There seems to be no subtitle. The characters are of urban background using words with a bit of American influence. Its not scary but I wouldn't recommend bring children to watch. I can still remember the flashes of ghost moments in the movie. Graphics for this movie was fantastic. Characters have distinctive personalities but I am unable to remember the names because they use a lot of nicknames between one another.  

Favourite Moment:
The teenage girl walks into the abandoned cinema of the old resort and decided to take a selfie. When she checked her phone, guess what's smiling in the background. Omg, that was scary!

Is it better than Conjuring? I don't think its as wickedly terrorizing as Conjuring but Kelibat can give you chills and feel somewhat more religious after watching it. 

Kelibat Official Trailer(2014)

Jessabelle Official Trailer(2014)

Ouija Official Trailer(2014)

Nov 9, 2014

Masters Program Vs Working Experience

I am about to graduate from three years of media studies. The convocation ceremony is in a few days and I am more worried about the family gathering afterwards. During the "congratulations" party I can assure you that every Aunty and Uncle in the room would want to know my future plan. They would ask subtly but their intention will always be loud and clear. Their hearts desire to know what's next because its fun to be nosy. I do that sometimes. There is only two answers that is universally acceptable; continue studies or continue working-with-the-company-that-took-me-in-for-internship? I toss and turn at night wondering what answers I should say to not sound like a total loser. Honestly could I toss both options aside and venture as a freelancer? Be my own boss with ambitions, goals and projects.  

In my family there is no such person; freelancer - by definition a person who has no steady income.LE LOSER. I actually have no idea how some of my uncles and aunties make their buck but they sure as hell never want to be labelled "freelancer". I've seen the fun uncles who make trips to South Africa, then Japan and his occasional trips to Thailand. We hardly see him at family gatherings. I believed he socially died and became an outcast. I fear that the most. Well, not really but...its sort of taking a big gamble on all things you've used to for the unknown. Feels scary, would you please hold my hand?

Sometimes I don't sleep because I am thinking about what my friends are doing in their perfect princess worlds? Everyone is either jobless or wearing snazzy branded outfits (as seen in Instagram) Where do I fit in? I am hardly jobless nor living in the fast lane right now. I am really keen in pursuing a career in journalism. I want to be able to be skill full in new media, broadcasting, radio, social media, media law and writing in general. I want to make a living by being actively in social entrepreneurship that would benefit the community and better myself as a person. 

I really want so much in life. 

The other day I was thinking about sitting down with my mother and just telling her how I feel inside but it doesn't feel right yet. I don't want her to worry this child of hers who is so messed up. As long as I tell her my future goals, speak respectfully and be considerate when necessary, I think everything will be alright. My parents and I are often NOT on the same page but that's no problem . Sometimes there will be argument but right now I need to keep strong and just keep searching. 

Oh do masters or working...