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Jan 8, 2015

My first Eye Spa

My beauty regime has always been brown sugar and moisturiser. Spread the mix and leave it on for 30 minutes while I watch Big Bang Theory. So far, pimple population - zero. I've been lucky. Today is truly life changing as I go through my first ever eye spa. The experience itself is so bizarrely relaxing that I can see why ladies of leisure and working women mark spa time as top priority on their to-do-list. 

Eye-spa is a treatment that includes massage techniques for the face in which it would be able to reduce redness, wrinkles and puffy eyes. The idea is to specifically treat and relax the eye area as oppose to getting a full face facial. 

I love it. 

First, you are ask to lie down. The flat surface is comfortable enough but reminds me almost like a hospital bed. You may request for as many pillows as your heart desire.Then the lights are switch off and just a dim sparks in the corner. It made me feel drowsy already although the outside world was 11am and hot as ever. 

The 45 minutes sessions included various technique of massaging that was deeply relaxing. I didn't realize there were so many points on the face that can trigger relaxation. It was like the masseuse literally pressed all the right button. My favourite part was when she placed hot herbal packs on my eyes and it just released a smell that reminds me of Chinese medicine. It was like putting your nose near a hot broth cooked to perfection. I like it. 

The session ended and you can really feel all the puffiness gone. My face felt a little oily from the facial product that they used. That's quite normal even from previous spa trips. Bare in mind I have received less that five spa treatments over the years. 

There was also a part whereby cool gel is slush onto your eyelids and cover with a wet-tissue like material as you sit still for 15 minutes. I think that is the cooling part that comes before the awesome hot herbal packs. Its almost like balancing the cool and hot treatment. 

This eye spa was done at Wan Ling Beauty Academy on Burma Road. The shop itself is so small that you can easily miss it. Just look out for a model with gold on her face and a small brown sign with Wan Ling on it. 

I am now a believer that we all need spa treatment once in awhile. I feel really rejuvenated. If you read this, go ahead and give it a try. Request for Josephine. Tell her Entan sent you. 

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